Trouble Shooting Guide

Unfortunately a few things can happen during your MUTU’s shipping process, but here are a few tips and tricks on how to get your MUTU back on track!



Which side of the Pillow do I sleep on?

We have designed the pillow to be slept on the Top side of the pillow as illustrated below. You can easily differentiate the Top side of the Pillow from its Bottom side, through its array of small air holes.


How do I deflate the Pillow?

MUTU will deflate with just the weight of your head. However, if you would like to deflate MUTU to the lowest level, we recommend you use your hands to deflate MUTU that little bit further.

My Pillow membrane seems warped, what do I do?

Your MUTU has been injured from inappropriate handling and storage. In this case, you can assist your MUTU by detaching the valve tubing from the quick connect valves (see the ‘The Claw Method’ below) and leaving it in this position for a few days. This will allow air to penetrate the suspension cushions, and equalise the pressure between them.

I want a greater neck support.

The best way to get to know your MUTU is to unzip the latex padding and open it up to reveal the air suspension system inside. You will see that one side of your MUTU has a sharper curve than the other, to accommodate different shoulder widths. Try lying on each side to identify which is comfiest for you. You can also try inflating and deflating MUTU by applying direct pressure to the system itself.

Still having issues? Book an appointment with our co-founder Suri below! 

As our full-time Production lead (and part-time Assembly Worker), she will be able to walk you through any issues and concerns you may have with your MUTU

What to do when:

1. Your MUTU’s height range seems smaller than expected

Your MUTU operates like a living organism and can get fatigued after many hours of travel. In order to maximize it’s function, it’s best to give the Air-Suspension Cushions a bit of a stretch.

You can do this in four easy steps:

  1. Open the foam zipper and remove the internal skeleton.

  2. Detach the 4-way blue and black connector and the tubing by the Claw Method *(See below).

  3. Fully extend and compress each Air-Suspension Cushion 5-7 times.

  4. Reconnect the tubing.

  5. Freeing each Air-Suspension Cushion out of the flexible membrane, by squeezing each cushion may make this process easier.

2. Your MUTU shows signs of leakage

Unfortunately, each pillow may have to withstand significant physical impact during shipment; whether it be extreme temperatures through both ocean or air cargo, or physical force during storage and handling. This can affect the integrity of the multiple pneumatic connections within your MUTU and create leaks.

If you suspect that your MUTU needs a pneumatic check-up, try the following suggestions

  1. Check that all tubing connections are intact with each Air Suspension Barrel, as some of the tubes may have been pulled off under rough handling.

  2. Check that all tubing connections are firmly attached to the blue and black connector. A good way to test this, is to detach all the tubes from each connector, and reconnecting them to ensure that it is firmly in place using the Claw Method *(See below).

If you still see signs of leakage, please contact our support team.

3. The central section of your MUTU is difficult to lower

Human heads vary significantly in size and weight and those with particularly light heads may experience difficulty when lowering the height of the pillow under their natural head weight.

The best solution here is to:

  1. Find the appropriate tag for the corresponding section and pull.

  2. Push the pillow with your hands in the area that you with to deflate, using your body weight. Please note, that if you do not hear the sound of air coming out of the system, you are pulling the wrong tag.

  3. Once MUTU stops compressing, Release the tag and cease applying pressure.

  4. Lie down and observe the comfort of the height.

If you find that this height is now too low, pull the same tag, and watch the pillow inflate until it’s reached the desired height.

The Claw Method

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-02 at 8.15.26 AM.jpeg

1. Hold black and blue connector as shown

Fit the Tubing in between your Fore and Middle Finger

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-02 at 8.15.27 AM.jpeg

2. Press down using these fingers

Tip: It’s best to use the tips of your fingers, to get into the small grooves between the Tubing entrance points

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-02 at 8.15.27 AM(1).jpeg

3. Remove the tubing using your other hand

If the Tubing is not coming out easily, then we could recommend that you press down a bit harder on the Blue Ring, in order to release the system.